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Geez I love avocados

I’m re-blogging myself, is that even allowed? Whatever. Doing it.

Why? Because I am having a love affair with avocados at the moment and it’s all I’m interested in talking about. They are SO good! Little green packages of nutrition and deliciousness! Also, they’re in season, which means abundant and affordable – I got 5 for $5 at the markets yesterday and have already happily devoured 2 of them. YUM.

I friggin love them


Avocado reminisces

As children, my brother and I were often given half an avocado to snack on. Mum would drizzle a little vinegar onto each half, hand us a spoon, then sit us outside on the steps and leave us to to the important business of avocado devouring.  Happy days.

I’m still a massive fan of avocados, which feature regularly in our meals at home. However, since moving to Sydney I’ve found that they are really expensive in the markets and fruit barns I visit. What IS that? Is it me? Or is it Sydney? Or another explanation? Am all ears.

In any case, I still buy avocados, just not as regularly and not as many. Unless I happen across an excellent deal – as I did last week – in which case I load up. Gimme gimme gimme. There must have been a bumper crop nearby and I was more than happy to reap the delicious green rewards.

To celebrate my happy find, on Sunday arv I sat myself out on our sunshiney back step with two vinegar-d and pepper-d halves and got down the the important business of avocado devouring. Bliss.


Are you as nutty for avocados as me? What’s your favourite way to eat them?

Let’s talk about: tampons

I talk about tampons quite a bit, but still probably not as much as I should. Most of us use them, often alongside a number of other sanitary products, but rarely if ever talk about it. So, let’s chat. I want to get you thinking and talking about what you’re using.

Many of us pay a lot of attention to the foods we eat and drinks we guzzle; some of us also pay attention to the types of creams, soaps and cosmetics we use. Why? We know these have an effect on our health.  Sanitary products – tampons, pads and liners – are no different. The vaginal wall is a mucous membrane y’all! It is far more sensitive than external skin and more absorbent to boot. So it matters what we put in and around our lady parts.

Most tampons and pads that are available on the market are made wholly or partially from bleached, non-organic cotton and synthetics such as rayon, viscose and plastics. Other chemicals, such as deodorisers and fragrances may also be added.

The bleaching process itself results in a chemical by-product called dioxin (classified by WHO as an environmental pollutant), which can disrupt immune function, hormone health and has been linked to cancer (in large amounts). The pesticides used in cotton farming have also been linked to a number of serious health disorders.

Although the amount as it appears in a tampon, pad or panty liner may be minimal, the burden of exposure over time is signifcant. Excluding pregnancy or conditions where the period is irregular or delayed, you and I will be using some sort of sanitary product every month, for decades of our life. It’s estimated that, over the course of our menstruating years, we use around 12,000 tampons. Again, that is significant!

So. This is why it’s important to chat about tampons. And also chat about what options we have available that will suit our needs AND minimise risk. Happily, there are many.

image via

How clean is your cotton?

Two good quality nontoxic brands I would recommend are TOM Organic (local Aussie brand, doing excellent work) and Natracare. Both of these use unbleached, certified organic cotton in their products. Added bonus: you don’t have to go out of your way to find either, they can be picked up in supermarkets and health food stores.

You could also look into re-usable pads and / or a menstrual cup. Full disclosure: I have no experience with either, but good reports from those who do.


What’s your take on this topic? Found any products you liked? Loathed?  

Three of my favourite spices for winter warming

Some excellent advice from Sarah on the benefit of warming spices during winter and how to get them into your diet. Yum!

Sarah George Acupuncture and Natural Health

spices webI don’t like being cold and I’ll admit it, I spend most of winter looking forward to spring. Yes, even in the Brisbane winter. There are many ways we can keep warm in winter – and choosing the right foods is one of them. Here are three of my favourite flavours to spice up my life in winter. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we describe each substance by its temperature, flavour and action in the body – some foods have a warming or hot action on the body.

Enjoy this tantalising yet brief introduction to my top three favourite warming spices and how you can use them in your diet:

  • Cardamom: warming, pungent and slightly bitter. Cardamom is an excellent digestive stimulant. It is sometimes termed the “Queen of the Spices” and is probably best known for its use in curries but can also be added to cakes and biscuits…

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