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Top tips for swollen feet

Swollen legs and feet are an uncomfortable and common pregnancy symptom. Have you experienced unfortunate ‘fat’ feet? I certainly have, as have many of my patients. There are a number of simple measures you can take, however, that will make a world of difference. I’ve written a post all about this over at Mouths of Mums today.

Click here to find out how to manage swollen feet, naturally.

swollen feet


Nourishing dry wintry skin

Even while I’m away, I’ve got a guest post or two up my sleeve.

Click through to read my top tips for nourishing winter skin.


We’re in Berlin at the moment and even though this is summertime, it’s currently cold enough to warrant the use of these measures!

How to halve your stress

I’m guest posting over at Mouths of Mums again today.

Click through to read my three simple strategies for halving stress.

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Found any of these helpful yourself? What are your strategies for stressing less?

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