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Nourish yourself

Health and happiness begin on the inside, they aren’t external… something that can be easily forgotten in our appearance-obsessed culture. I’ve written a post for my friends over at Mantra Mats all about the importance of nourishing yourself from within.

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nourish yourself


Food’s effect on our mental health

I met Sarah McKay (medical writer / neuroscientist / blogger) at last week’s trivia tournament – not only is she lovely, Sarah was also was a total boon for our team! I’ve read her blog on and off for a while now, so it was great to meet in person and chat about some of the fascinating work she does.

Sarah recently shared a great infographic on her site, which you can see below. Diet, digestion and lifestyle play an important role in so many body functions, including our mental and emotional health.

The Nutrition of Mental Health

Our changing diet & lessons from the paleo era

Such a big title for what is, essentially, a post pointing you to something excellent that is written elsewhere on the internet. Oh well.

My former Brisbane colleague Sarah  has written a wonderful post about dietary change, referencing both Chinese dietetics and the Paleolithic era. She’s also included a couple of great videos with her post: a TED talk by archaeological scientist Christina Warrina, and the beautiful animated film, below, depicting the changing face of food production (and featuring Willie Nelson covering a Cold Play song).

Read Sarah’s full post here


This is part of the ‘Change’ blog hop series I’m taking part in with the Health and Happiness Collective, which you can read more about here.

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