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Nourish yourself

Health and happiness begin on the inside, they aren’t external… something that can be easily forgotten in our appearance-obsessed culture. I’ve written a post for my friends over at Mantra Mats all about the importance of nourishing yourself from within.

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nourish yourself

Choose happiness

I’m a big fan of Dr Timothy Sharp, also known as Dr Happy, a leader in the field of positive psychology and founder of The Happiness Institute. I recently discovered that we’ve also run concurrent sessions at the Woodford Folk Festival over the past few years, but have yet to meet.

In any case, I just came across an interview with Dr Sharp on the new healthyMEtv: it’s great! In it he explains the foundations for cultivating happiness – all of which are really quite simple and very much achievable. What I also like about his approach is that it acknowledges the full range of emotions we experience – happy, sad, angry, etc. They all have a place.

choose happiness screenshot

Watch the full video here (for some reason I couldn’t embed this video, oh well!)

What do you reckon? Are you a Dr Happy fan too?

The Principles of Intuitive Eating

I know I’ve posted this before, but it’s just so good I wanted to share again. I also think it’s particularly relevant for a lot of folk I’ve been talking to over the past few weeks.

So many of us get caught up in what we think ‘should’ be doing for our health, rather than what feels right for us; many more are trapped by bad habits and cravings. Not only does this set us up for bad health it also creates an unhappy relationship with food and disconnects us from our body. Ideally, these two should be in sync. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

With that in mind, I present to you (again) the principles of intuitive eating. Enjoy.

Are you an intuitive eater?

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