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The view from here

We’re staying on my mother-in-law’s property Qld at the moment and it is lush. Lush!

North Qld is known for many things… cane toad races, beef producers and bogans. All of which can be found up here. BUT it’s also a place of amazing naturescapes, tropical rainforests, coral reefs and some of my favourite people. I love it. Thought I’d give you a little snapshot of why.

Here is our morning walk around the paddocks, dog and cat in tow.

the farm

cat refused to pose in frame. typical.

And here’s the creek we swim in (several times) daily. There are a couple of resident platypus, lots of birds swooping overhead and all kinds of interesting things underfoot. 

the creek

favourite swimming hole

I hope you’re having a wonderful festive season and, if you’ve been able to take time off, are thoroughly enjoying the break. We’re back home, to Sydney, in the new year and I’ll be back in the clinic from 6th Jan. Look forward to seeing some of you then!


Got any good adventures to share? Great plans to welcome in the New Year?


Sharing happy news + heading north for the holidays

So… I’ve got a bit of news to share.

baby belly

Not a food baby

As if the photo isn’t a dead giveaway… I’m having a BABY! Exciting news for anyone, and Jon and I are no exception. We’re a bit ga-ga about the whole thing, truth be told.

For me, it’s also been cool to experience first-hand many of the symptoms I have been discussing for years with colleagues, patients, midwives and friends. What’s also been interesting (and validating) is that taking my own advice for some of the most common and debilitating symptoms, such as morning sickness and fatigue, actually works! *eye roll* Obviously I already knew the value of this advice, but experiencing it first-hand has consolidated my confidence in what I advocate. An unexpected boon!

So far it’s all going pretty well. Today I’m 17ish weeks and feeling good, particularly in comparison to the dramatic drop in energy and major digestive turmoil I was going through only 6 or so weeks ago. My belly is starting to pop out properly now too and I’m looking forward to looking actually pregnant, rather than weirdly bloated.

There’s a bit of story behind my health, this pregnancy and how I got here… but that’s something I’ll share in the new year. For now, I’m just happy to tell you I’m preggers.


Later today Jon and I are heading up to north Qld to go camping with a large gaggle of family on my in-law’s property. I’m looking forward to some downtime, lots of reading, lots of swimming and a reasonable amount of delicious-food eating. I hope you all have something equally as enjoyable coming up, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


Year to date

I have had two showers today, and I predict one more coming. At least.

What? What! It’s HOT you guys! Not to mention the fact that over the last week at dusty, sweaty Woodford we were on shower rations, courtesy of record crowds and very low water stores. So. Now that I’m back in Brisbane, and water restrictions have just been lifted here (after 8 years!), I am indulging in an extra scrub and the sweet relief that only a cool shower can bring … well, in lieu of a pool or the beach, none of which I have at my disposal.

Aaaanyway. I have clearly been having a lovely time. Simple pleasures and all that.


Over Christmas we spent a lot of time under the tree at my grandmother’s house, with our friends, their babies, my family and a variety of animals.


On Boxing Day, Jon and I headed up to Woodford for the folk festival – which this year saw something like 250 thousand people over the course of the week! There, Sarah and I spoke at the Blue Lotus stage about food, diet and health.

talking grains wff

Twice in fact!

Get this: our last talk was programmed for the morning of the 1st. We wondered who would be there, given the previous night’s events, and ended up with a full house! Fun. Not to mention a pleasant surprise.

Grains talk

Sarah and I also ran a couple of workshops in the kids’ festival. These were small, fun and completely adorable.

kids fest 1

The festival offered up some excellent and incredible acts. Oooh, it was juicy. Music, comedy, cabaret, circus, street theatre.. and more I can’t think of at the moment.  All of it awesome, wild, varied and inspiring!

Creativity, come at me.

My absolute highlight, however, was sitting on the hill of Woodford’s natural amphitheatre soaking in the music of Archie Roach. He is a legend. A legend.


This photo is not great. But Archie Roach and his band are. Also, check out that moon!


So, now we’re back and I have the good fortune of another few days with my northern clan before heading back to Sydney.

I’ll also be heading into HealthWise one last time tomorrow to see a small clutch of patients and officially bow out of my Qld practice.

I hope you, too, have had a wonderful festive season and happy transition into 2013. No resolutions from me – I don’t do them – but plenty of big ideas for the coming year. You?

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