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Study face

Let me tell you something for nothing: I am at the pointy end of the semester. Blergh.

And now I’m experiencing it as both a student and a teacher.

Revelation: it’s stressful on both sides!*

You see, I started back into a health Masters program several months ago.

I had been considering post-grad for a while, but I held off for a couple of years for several reasons. Firstly, I just wanted a break from study and some time to practice and consolidate my skills in clinic. Secondly, I wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons – namely, my husband’s a highly respected health academic and I am incredibly competitive… so part of me wanted to prove that I could be an excellent academic too. I know. And finally, I have SO many ideas about the things I’d like to study and the work I’d like to do – from community health programs, to linguistics, to cake decorating – seriously, I needed some time to calm down and focus.

rmit cardSo, I finally did work out what I wanted to do and this year I jumped into an acupuncture degree through RMIT. It’s pretty awesome. And also based in Melbourne.  This means that twice each semester I head down to Melbourne (well, Bundoora, which hardly counts as Melbourne) for a 10-hr per day, 5 day intensive of lectures, tutorials and assessment.

Between each on-campus session I watch online lectures, review study topics, write assignments, and prepare for exams.** That’s the plan. What I actually do is run a business, work full time, prepare lectures, watch TED talks, read blogs, cook a LOT of food, dream about my future… oh! and occasionally get stuck into my work. Like now. Now I’m at the pointy end of the semester, I’m getting right into it. Up to my ears.

About time Kathleen, about time.

Study face

Back when I was a bit more baby-faced (and certainly a more conscientious student) studying naturopathy. That painting behind me lives in our kitchen these days.

Anyone else out there at the pointy end of the semester?

Do you also have mad procrastination skills? 


* It’s actually significantly less stressful on the teacher side. Until classes and exams are done, which is when marking starts, which is when teachers win. Hands down.

** In coming years (it’s a 3yr course) there will be significantly more contact than the two weeks, as I am required to do hundreds of hours of prac – I have my hopes set on working in some teaching hospitals in China.

About Kathleen Murphy

Australian naturopath and freelance writer, based in Sydney. I love working with people from all walks of life, helping them institute changes that can become life-long health habits. I can be found at Uclinic | 421 Bourke Street, Surry Hills | Ph: 02 9332 0400 |

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  1. Love it, Kath! You are amazing! You’ll make an excellent acupuncturist too. (And for the record, I hear you, I’m at the pointy end of lecturing and studying too! So I’m with you in spirit!)

  2. Good luck Kath! I have looked at that course myself – but have other priorities to fulfill right now 🙂 you will have to tell me how it’s going x

  3. tessafinneybrown

    Lovely Kath, I’m with Sarah – you’re an amazing Naturopath and will make a splendiferous acupuncturist too.
    Feels like this degree is always at the point end for something, but at the moment we’re in 5th week of neuro and psych (feel like you’d be digging a lot of this stuff) but a fair way out from the next exam (July).
    Best of luck with the study, don’t forget to treat yourself for it when it’s over…
    T x

    • Thanks Tess!!
      Oh, I think your course is probably MUCH pointier than mine, a lot of the time.
      I have a good treat coming up for sure… we’re travelling (work and pleasure) for just short of a month mid-June to mid-July. Hooplah!

  4. jasmynmaynutrition

    I feel like I am the biggest procrastinator! I found myself scrubbing my oven clean one day rather than finishing an assignment! I’ve switched to calling it ‘incubating’ – sit on the idea until it’s hot and ready to go. Makes me feel better anyway!

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