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Woodford Folk Festival 2011/12

Guess what I’m doing over the festive season? Going to Woodford! Even better – quite apart from diving headlong into the food, music, crowds and workshops – I’ll be doing a few talks while there.

I’ll be teaming up with acupuncturist extraordinaire Sarah George for a double-act in the festival’s health programme. Sarah and I will be talking about easy household remedies for common conditions such as nausea, fatigue and pain.  I’ll be sharing herbal and nutritional tips, while Sarah will be teaching some simple acupressure techniques. Come along if you’re interested in learning more about what we do.

We will also take part in the Woodforum: Raw Food panel discussion;  and I’ll be running a hands on herbal preparation workshop for kids (in the children’s festival). Juicy! Can’t wait!


Wed 28th Dec 1.45pm – Big Ideas (Kids’ Festival): ‘Medicinal Remedies from Herbs’ i.e. DIY / let’s get our hands dirty

Thurs 29th Dec 5pm – Blue Lotus Forum: Raw Food

Friday 30th Dec 11am – Blue Lotus: ‘Herbs, Health & Acupressure’

Sunday 1st Jan 11am – Big Ideas (Kids’ Festival): ‘Health, Herbs & Acupressure’ – kids’ version

Check out the full programme to find out what else the festival has to offer. Hope to see you there!

About Kathleen Murphy

Australian naturopath and freelance writer, based in Sydney. I love working with people from all walks of life, helping them institute changes that can become life-long health habits. I can be found at Uclinic | 421 Bourke Street, Surry Hills | Ph: 02 9332 0400 |

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