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Good health starts early, baby.

A new study out of the States has just been published (or, in fact, is just about to be published) looking at the impact of food and food changes on the intestinal bacteria of infants. The researchers monitored changes in bowel flora from birth to toddler-hood, noting that the most significant changes occurred when new foods were introduced.

The results were interesting, not entirely unexpected, and were indicative of a little body gradually adapting digestive and immune function over time. The thing is, gut health is crucial for maintaining overall health – our intestinal bacteria controls digestive function as well as playing an integral role in the synthesis of the immune system.

More to the point, early life is the time when our bodies set the tone – so to speak – for how our vitality, immunity and wellbeing will progress over the coming years. Undeniably, there is a huge number of factors that may influence how we feel over the course of our lives – our fate isn’t necessarily cemented in those formative years… but it’s never too early (or late, for that matter) to start living well!

Read more about the study here (thanks to New Scientist – with Frankie, one of my favourite mags!):


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