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image via www.anediblemosaic.comThese little packages of goodness are one of the easiest to prepare and nutritionally dense foods around. Poached, boiled, scrambled, fried or baked – any way you flip an egg, it’s good for you. An excellent source of protein and one that’s readily absorbed, eggs really are the perfect way to start the day.

Some people are concerned that eggs can increase cholesterol – but unhealthy fats, found in processed and fried foods, will have a much bigger impact on cholesterol levels than eggs. These little crackers will only do you good when eaten in moderation… and with enjoyment!

The one thing I would always recommend is that you choose free-range eggs, not those from cage hens. While they may cost a little more, these eggs are ethically (and often nutritionally) the healthier choice.

About Kathleen Murphy

Australian naturopath and freelance writer, based in Sydney. I love working with people from all walks of life, helping them institute changes that can become life-long health habits. I can be found at Uclinic | 421 Bourke Street, Surry Hills | Ph: 02 9332 0400 |

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  1. I totally agree – free range are the best! Happy eggs we call them in our house. If it’s not a happy egg, we wont eat it.

  2. Eggs are great! I have them every morning. Yum! They always keep me going.

  3. What is it about eggs?! Some of my best childhood memories involve them – cracking them into cake batters, sawing off the top and dipping toast soldiers, easter eggs (probably not the same).

  4. Thanks guys – thumbs up to everything you’ve said! And la luna… easter eggs certainly are tasty, but perhaps not as an everyday thing 🙂

  5. So glad to hear this; I love eggs like crazy! I often like to have a hard boiled egg as a snack instead of junkie stuff.


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